Headscribbles is a collaborative web comic written by me and illustrated by Jordan Harrington. After Molly abandons what she believes is nitrous oxide intoxication, she explores everyday adventures while her brain conductor counsels her on how exploration should be done.

while trying to come up with a name for our comic, Jordan and I spent a few hours researching different parts of the brain (like where scientists believe consciousnesses resides) or words meaning brain with some kind of suffix (like “Encephalon,” which basically means “inside the head”). I discovered split-brain (brain surgery that separates the two hemispheres of the brain), but then I got loopy and couldn’t get “split-pea soup” or “spit for brains” out of my head. (Everyone especially didn’t like my favorite, “A License to Go!”, because it apparently sounds like a poorly translated Japanese children’s book about a monkey learning how to drive). Finally, we discussed organizing the comic like journal entries, which inspired “scribbling.” I thought about how journaling is like a stream of consciousness and how brainwaves on a monitor display a continuous spectrum of consciousness (while looking an awful lot like scribbles). Thus, Headscribbles was born!